Mission, Vision, History

The Early Childhood Center’s mission is to meet the individual academic, developmental and social-emotional needs of every child in our School Family by building safe and connected relationships with our students, staff, families, and community. 

Promote a language-rich environment.
Foster opportunities for academic, developmental and social-emotional growth through play-based instruction.
Encourage relationships that are accepting of all abilities through an inclusive environment.
Differentiate academic and social environments that support all students.
Teach problem solving and self regulation through recognizing and managing emotions.
Support the growth, development and needs of staff and families.
Facilitate a successful transition to Kindergarten and beyond. 
Collaborate with community-based resources to promote awareness and understanding of our vision.

Since 1990, school districts have been required by federal law to seek out and educate 3- 5-year-old children who have been identified with special needs. These needs might range from speech impairments to multiple disabilities. The costs incurred serving these students are refundable through federal and state resources as long as the program meets specific requirements.  Through the 2016-2017 school year, the Fort Zumwalt School District has served our early childhood special education students through a contractual agreement with United Services of St. Charles County. 

Voter approval of a 2015 no-tax increase bond levy provided the district with the funds necessary to build or acquire a facility that would allow for the creation of the Fort Zumwalt Early Childhood Center. The Board of Education approved the purchase of the property near the junction of I-70 and Hwy. 79 in late 2015, closing on the property in January, 2016. With the exit of the final tenant in December, 2016, renovations began in earnest and had the 71,000-square-foot facility ready to welcome almost 800 students in August 2017.